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Kissflow defines business collaboration as “creating purposeful connections to achieve goals or solve problems by sharing varied skill sets, strengths and perspectives”. 

At ARMCO, we believe the best business is transacted through trusted business collaboration. By working together, revolutionary ideas initiate growth whilst championing the client experience. 

There are many benefits to working this way, including providing a complete service, encouraging innovation and building stronger relationships. 

Provides a complete service

An integrated service allows for a specialist centre. Not every business is able to exceed in all areas, but when a group of companies come together, you’re able to provide a high-quality service.

By working with other businesses, you can share resources, expertise and information. This allows your company to offer quality support across every step of the client journey, resulting in effective and seamless communication processes. 

Not only this, but efficiency is also increased with transactions going through the same vendor. This removes any time-consuming elements whilst allowing for shared data and transactional history. It also makes conversations that streamline the decision and buying process much easier, and even complex transactions can be navigated with pace. 

By collaborating with other businesses, you can provide to your clients an all-encompassing service. This creates a more personable approach to business, encouraging transactions to feel people-led rather than returns-focused. Working this way will create a standout experience for your client, which translates to a stronger relationship and nurtures life-long loyalties. Your clients will then act as advocates, which in turn attracts more business. 

Encourage innovation

To adapt to industry landscape changes, innovation is important. By working with other businesses, you’re naturally exposed to a foundation of specialist resources and knowledge. This allows your business to remain at the forefront when coming up with cutting-edge solutions that will encourage prosperity in your areas of expertise. 

By working in a collective, you also increase your business capabilities, making your business boundaries more flexible whilst allowing for measured risk. This way of working inspires forward-thinking and positive evolution, as increased resources allow for excellent problem solving. 

Nurture stronger relationships

Collaboration allows for delivery of integrity and consistency whilst ensuring your clients always receive a brilliant customer service. As mentioned above, direct interaction between businesses allows for a complete and efficient service, with increased specialist advice that can be tailored specifically to your clients individual needs. 

When working in an effective way, conversations are slicker. This minimised waiting time for clients, delivering an uninterrupted experience and fewer client frustrations. As we emerge from a year of national lockdowns and uncertainty, people need businesses and services they can rely on. Collaboration allows you to offer exactly that to your clients.

ARMCO – Smarter Together

We have spent time perfecting our integrated business methods to ensure that client experience remains at the forefront of our collaborative vision.

As Russell Martin explains:
Our collection of consultancy business have been strategically growing year on year, allowing us to deliver fully integrated and agile solutions at every stage of our client and partnership journeys.

The ARMCO group includes Innovation 4 Business, Chordis Capital, Finance 4 Business, Atlas Land & Planning, Walker Doble, Cape Insurance, Liquidity Club and Debrett’s Private Finance. 

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