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Finance 4 Business is a company that has provided specialist financial solutions for over 10 years to our clients. With the development of ARMCO – a group of businesses that include Walker Doble, Innovation 4 Business and Liquidity Club – we are able to meet more of their requirements with our expansive service and increased expertise.

The case study below provides evidence of how our businesses have collaborated together to provide integrated services.


Assistance in arranging a commercial mortgage was required by a new introducer for one of his long-established clients.

Client Objectives

The objective was to buy commercial premises as part of their company expansion. A property in London was found which an agreed price of £2.75m and a VAT of £550k.

The solutions offered

The client’s bank was uninterested in funding the purchase and so the specialist commercial mortgages team looked over the information and identified potential lenders from our semi-exclusive panel. Once Finance 4 Business had spotted a specific high street lender that was able to meet the clients requirements, a mortgage via Barclays was arranged for £2.1m at 76% LTV.

The VAT funding needs were also supported by Finance 4 Business who had originally sorted a solution with a VAT specialist lender. However, a more favourable VAT loan to cover the £550K was secured after continuous communication from one of our specialist financial brokers with Barclays.

Our integrated service

Once it became clear that the client had additional financial requirements that could be facilitated by our other companies, Innovation 4 Business, our stamp duty land tax, and capital allowances specialist business, stepped in. They were able to identify £367k of capital allowances that could be offset against the cooperation tax liability and so the client’s company were then able to have reduced tax liabilities for the next 7 years.

It was also mentioned by the client that one of her debtors had delayed payment on an invoice due to be settled, leading to an immediate cashflow shortfall of c. £50k.

In order to arrange short-term unsecured funding of £50k for the client within 5 working days (a time frame substantially faster than that of the client’s own bank) Liquidity Club took charge as our business that specialises in funding growth for businesses and working capital requirements. 

Potential opportunities for future work between Finance 4 Business and the client were discussed in person after the original commercial transaction had been completed.

How is success ensured?

The client was extremely pleased with the outcome, commenting:

“Paul Atkinson and the team at Finance 4 Business helped make the purchase of my commercial property a smooth and efficient transaction.

“Not only did the transaction complete within the agreed timescales, Paul introduced me to a number of other company partners where I was able to benefit from a small amount of unsecured borrowing which aided a blip in my cashflow.

“I would highly recommend Paul and the Finance 4 Business team to arrange finance, and will be delighted to use their services again going forward.”

We were able to provide a customer journey that delighted our client through integrated services that used the experience of three additional companies to aid in four different transactions.


The best business is created through strong and trusted business relationships that go above and beyond any others seen in the market. This is shown through our case study above.

With yearly strategic growth, our collection of consultancy businesses provide innovative solutions to our clients and ensure that every transaction made is done so with seamless proficiency, competency, and pace. 

With our mission remaining to create integrated opportunities for everyone, we are pleased to announce the launch of our next generation advisory business, ARMCO

With the addition of three new business, Cape Insurance, Chordis Capital and Debrett’s Private Finance, we are able to offer more expertise and specialist advice than ever before.

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