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Recently, a client approached Finance 4 Business looking for bridging finance to assist with the purchase of a two-bedroomed property, as well as the renovation of the property with the intention of selling.

Finance 4 Business then approached Chordis Capital and worked with them to successfully secure a £78,200 bridging loan, to be provided over an 8-month period, that would help fund the client’s refurbishment project. 

What issues did the client face?

Although the client had previously completed three similar projects, they had some issues with their credit history following redundancy a few years ago. 

This was a huge cause for concern for the client, as their financial situation had left them with some rolling debts, and they feared these would make it difficult to secure a loan for their next project.

How did we support the client?

The special partnership between Finance 4 Business and Chordis Capital allowed for a quick review and discussion of the case, agreeing a suitable way forward that met the client’s requirements. 

The two companies worked together, completely focused, to help provide our client with up to 85% LTV on an unregulated bridging loan for their property renovation, successfully overcoming the client’s concerns with securing finance.

ARMCO – Smarter Together

As part of the ARMCO group, the communication process between each company is streamlined, meaning we can easily reach solutions for our clients.

The ARMCO group includes Innovation 4 Business, Chordis Capital, Finance 4 Business, Atlas Land & Planning, Walker Doble, Cape Insurance, Liquidity Club, Debrett’s Private Finance, Lighthouse and Green Liquidity.

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