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ARMCO links up with All Things Rural to plant seed on farmland at
Fonmon Castle in South Wales, to offset carbon production and achieve
carbon neutrality across its network

ARMCO is delighted to announce that it has agreed a partnership with local grass seed and wildflower seed wholesaler All Things Rural to plant seed at one of its properties, Fonmon Castle, near Barry Island in Wales in a carbon offset initiative.

This offsetting will result in all ARMCO’s work across its group of companies becoming carbon neutral for the foreseeable future.

Whilst many companies plant trees to achieve carbon neutrality, Nigel Ford and his team at All Things Rural take the alternative route of planting seed. The reasoning behind this closely follows the science:

Trees are currently in short supply – the UK needs to plant over 1.5 billion to become carbon neutral – and are a very long-term investment, with the benefits often being decades away. Annual and perennial flower and grass crops lock the carbon in the soil at least as effectively as trees and have a much faster result.

Nigel said, “I am delighted to be working with the team at ARMCO on this project. It’s great to see them investing in seed as a means of carbon offset, an unusual and effective route. We very much see seed as the future and the most rapid way for the UK to achieve carbon neutrality.

We have a huge programme of work underway at Fonmon Castle and planting seed for flower crops, as well as leaving acres of land untouched (known as rewilding) are important elements of our plans. We are also working with several local schools and a local prison in an education outreach programme funded in part by our planting.

We know ARMCO and each of its 11 businesses well and are looking forward to seeing what other initiatives we can work on together to boost their environmental credentials.”

Dave Rowlands, Managing Director of Green Liquidity, one of ARMCO’s portfolio of companies commented, “Our green credentials are high on my agenda, as they should be for most businesses nowadays. This new partnership with Nigel fits brilliantly with Green Liquidity who provide finance across the renewables sector and is in line with ARMCO’s wider environmental commitments.

I’ve worked with Nigel for a number of years and am thrilled that my colleagues within ARMCO have made this investment to his business and to enable us to carbon offset our work going forward. I’m looking forward to growing our relationship with Nigel and the team at All Things Rural as well as exploring wider business opportunities with his other businesses including Fonmon Castle and All Things Wild.”

Russell Martin, Chair of ARMCO added “I’m thrilled we have been able to agree this partnership with All Things Rural. Nigel is a true entrepreneur as are all of the leaders within the ARMCO portfolio, so his ethos and style fit well with ours.”


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