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We provide specialist finance as it should be...not as it has been.
ABOUT Chordis Capital

A Brief Overview

At Chordis Capital, our vision is to become and remain the leading provider of specialist secured lending solutions that enhance the lives of our customers.

We are proud to work as a part of ARMCO to allow our clients to access vast combined knowledge and experience, spanning across property, finance, insurance and land development.

Managing Director

Rob Lankey

From growing the commercial and buy-to-let loan book of a large building society to being one of the four start-up members of the UK’s first challenger bank, Rob’s career has seen the creation of four new specialist lenders where his focus on service and system innovation brought him the Financial World’s Innovation award in 2012.

Chordis Capital has emerged from the culmination of decades of experience delivering expert, specialist finance solutions to brokers and customers alike.

Rob Lankey


Our Services

Chordis Capital works in harmony with all parties in the lending process and it’s this commitment to collaboration and the removal of the barriers to great service, which underpins ‘the Chordis way’

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Bridging Finance

Simple, uncomplicated bridging finance for the smaller end of the market, underpinned by slick processing and great communication.


Bridging lending 'as it should be' is only the start of the Chordis journey. Our goal is to add development finance, buy-to-let and commercial mortgages in the future, so be sure to stay in touch with our progress.

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Our Client-Centred Core Values


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