At Lighthouse, we will help secure your future and protect your wealth.
ABOUT Lighthouse

A Brief Overview

Lighthouse works with talent in the sports and entertainment arenas, looking to secure wealth and protect futures.

We help clients build a diversified and sustainable portfolio of properties to support income upon retirement, with our end-to-end service designed by and for professional athletes.


Russell Martin

Russell is a business founder and investor with a trusted network of expert entrepreneurs, which has been thoughtfully and carefully constructed over several years. His unique service, excellent reputation and human approach has led to immense success in the business world.

Russell Martin Black & White

I am passionate about sport, especially football, and I am delighted to combine my business and personal experiences to create ARMCO Lighthouse. We provide a professional and transparent end-to-end property service that aims to secure the financial futures of our sporting talent.

Russell Martin

Russell Martin Black & White

Our Services

“Financial success opens up a world of investment opportunities. Investing wisely into secure and mainstream assets to protect your wealth can be the difference between a lifetime of financial security for you and your family or one where you can lose it all.”

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Guiding The Way

A property portfolio can provide the foundation for lifelong financial freedom. Navigating property investments takes time, expertise and patience. It can also be a minefield. Lighthouse guides you away from the chancers, sharks and ill-informed, helping you secure your financial future.

Exclusive App

At Lighthouse, we have our own exclusive App where clients can track their investments and their current financial position. They can also see future opportunities and their portfolio’s annual yield.

Our Team

Lighthouse has been formed of a team of experts that has been carefully put together due to their knowledge and experience, so clients can have every confidence in their advice, and in turn, in the security of their own futures.

Core Principles

Integrity, trust and transparency are our guiding principles. As a result, our clients can be assured that their financial futures are being built and managed by a company which really cares. Everyone involved with Lighthouse shares a set of common values. We enjoy working with like-minded clients to enjoy long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

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Our Client-Centred Core Values


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Partnership of Entrepreneurs

Revolutionary ideas drive growth and our vision is to empower great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish. If you are passionate for business and personal growth, take a long-term view with a team of extraordinary entrepreneurs by your side.